I was born and raised in San Francisco and received my undergraduate degree in Engineering Management with an emphasis in Biomechanical Engineering from the University of the Pacific.  During my postgraduate transition, I was hired by the University of the Pacific as the official university photographer for six years.  I have now moved on and am looking for new opportunities back in San Francisco. Inspired by my network of friends and photographers, I have ventured into the world of architecture, automotive, portraiture, food, commercial, corporate events, weddings, and photojournalism photography. The variety of subjects and diversity of clients I have been lucky to interface with over the years have greatly shaped my photography style.  Recently, my area of focus has shifted to corporate and wedding photography– an experience that has been filled with constant adventure to perfectly complement what I love what I do! Spurred by working alongside some of the best photographers in the area, I actively broaden my skills by engaging with my work. I continue to learn and fuel my own personal and professional growth. Follow me as I continue this journey!